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20 - Cypress Swamp

31 August 1781

20 - Cypress Swamp

When Brigadier General Marion set out against the British at Parker's Ferry, this same day he sent Capt. George Cooper with a detachment of mounted militia to create a diversion.

At Cypress Swamp, fifteen miles southwest of Moncks Corner, Capt. Cooper chased away a party of Loyalists and rode on towards Charlestown.

At Dorchester, he drove off cattle in front of the British post there and again continued down the Charlestown Road ready to cause more trouble.

At the Ashley River Church, his men attacked another group of Loyalists, which were using the church as a military station.

Capt. Cooper had no casualties in all of these engagements, and he was able to return to his compatriots at Peyre's Plantation on the Santee with a number of prisoners.

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